How to create a Facebook Page for business

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2. Add pictures

Step 3. Connect your business to WhatsApp (optional)

Step 4: Create your username

Step 5: Add your business details

Step 6. Create your first post

Step 7. Invite an audience

Here it’s illustrated in details:

Go to the Facebook website and log in to your account. 

From the homepage, click Pages in the sidebar menu on the left. 

 Click the Create New Page button in the menu on the left.

On the left side of the next screen,enter a Page name, select a Category, and write a Description. The right side of the page shows you a preview of your page as you add information to it. 

 Scroll down and click Create Page

Next you can add images. Click Add Profile Picture or Add Cover Photo to upload photos from your device. Hit Save at the bottom.

A pop-up may appear asking if you want to connect your page to WhatsApp. If you want to, enter your phone number and click Send Code. If you don’t want to, click the “X” icon in the top-right corner of the pop-up. 

Your new Facebook page is now created, and you can continue customizing it to your liking.

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