Six simple easy steps on how to start Twitter business account

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools for businesses that shouldn’t be avoid due to huge push for branding through social media. Being inactive in Twitter can’t be an option. Here are the steps to start Twitter for business.

1. Make a Twitter Account

Here are a few things to remember when signing up:

  1. You can change your username and email address later.
  2. Your Twitter password should contain letters, numbers and symbols.
  3. Confirm your account before trying to personalize.
  4. Log out of your personal Twitter account before creating a new one.

2. Add Profile Details

upload two different photos to your profile:

  1. Twitter profile picture
  2. Twitter header image

As you will have much more room, so pick something visually striking. In your profile, you can add a linkable website, your location and a 140-character bio that is linkable and respondent to hashtags and @mentions.All the top businesses that operate on Twitter use appealing photos to engage readers on their profile.

Make your Twitter bio clean and accessible. Express your business about in brief. Use a theme color for your entire profile that matches your brand.

3. Connect With Others

Once you begin to add people, Twitter provides helpful suggested users to follow based on your previous selections. Additionally, you can see related users when you’re on someone’s feed you follow. The process is extremely easy and unlike Facebook, Twitter is a great spot to add people you don’t quite know. The social network is more about building connections than intimate or personal networks.

4. Start Tweeting

Each tweet only allows 140 characters (including Twitter usernames and links),so keep your messages short and sweet , be concise without getting too casual. A Twitter business account allows 280 characters to connect.

5. Engage

 Best outcome from Twitter depends how well you can engage with others.

Continually Tweet from your profile, to give follow backs , asking other users for Retweets, or answering to your questions are some way of engaging. Collaborate with other influencers.

Try to schedule Tweets out each day at the time when your followers are most active on Twitter. Trends show more social media users engage with visuals than plain text , must do so when applicable.

Post tweets that encourage engagement, such as questions or polls. Sharing content from authorities or influencers in your field is an easy posting option. Other ideas include business announcements, special sales, links to blog posts, funny memes, job postings and anything else your audience would enjoy or benefit from seeing.

What is a Twitter business account?

With a Twitter business account, you can connect with your followers one 280-character post at a time.

Creating a business Twitter account is the same as creating a personal Twitter account,but you can brand the page to fit your business. It allows you to share information about your business, educate people about your industry, share content from other creators and use other methods to spread awareness about your company.

How you use the account should be different, though. Create a separate business account and use it to brand your content. Keep the posts strictly business-related to attract a following.

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